A Cloud of Goodness

“In the world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33b NIV

The brightness of the sun was almost blinding. Its beams brought heaven to earth as I lifted my head and closed my eyes. Silence surrounded me, and I let myself enjoy this rare opportunity of tranquility. Unfortunately, it didn’t last.

Out of nowhere dark clouds moved in from the left and the right, the blue sky vanishing in an instant, darkening not only the sky but my mood. It was as if the sun from a moment ago was just a tease. I frowned and prayed, asking God to bring back the warm sunshine. I still needed it. He spoke to my spirit, what I have to admit, I didn’t really like His reply.

He said, “Sometimes we need the rain.”

I pondered this, not at all what I expected. “Sometimes we need the rain.” Things of the earth popped into my head. Flowers, grass, animals, people, me. Where would we be without rain? First Kings tells us of a drought that lasted for three years, causing a severe famine in the land. The day Elijah sent his servant to look for a sign of rain and he saw the small cloud that was the size of a man’s hand, was a day of rejoicing for the people. They knew the cloud was a sign of the beginning of the end of their trouble.  Then I understood what God meant. As much as I loved the feel of the warm sun on my face, too much of it can be dangerous. While I wished for the sun to return, I thanked God for sending the rain.

Does It Matter What We Think? My first instinct when the cloud covered the sun was to whine and complain. In fact, I think my prayer came out more like a complaint. And it hadn’t even started to rain!

At the first sign of trouble, what is your instinct? Do you whine or complain (even to yourself) like I did if something doesn’t go exactly the way you planned? In the verse above, Jesus promised us we would face trials in our lives. The clouds will come. But do you want to know the great part? Just before He spoke these words, He said, “I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace.” (John 16:33a NIV) Peace during the storm. Rest during the unrest.

The clouds come to bring rain, something the earth needs to survive. We may not always know why trials come in our lives, but we can rest assure God does know, and He has a reason for them. Believe it or not, they will bring something good to come to pass in your life. The next time a cloud covers your sun, think about the drought and thank God for the rain.

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